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Fly Away Tour

Who We Are:

On the road, and returning to the stage with a vengeance, Fly Away Tour is kicking off their latest Tour Announcement, and bringing fresh tunes and unmatched energy to the stage. This tour is slated to have some of the most incredible performances from artists near and far. Explore the site and find out when Fly Away Tour will hit a stage near you. Follow our Snapchat for behind the scenes media.

Originating in Florida, the minds behind this tour have been operating and performing in the central Florida area since the early 2000's. We wanted to be more then an entertainment company, enter the tour, now you can follow our progress as we take our show on the road and bring this experience all over the United States and beyond! Showing our fans:  Planning, Interactions, Traveling, Promotions, and Production to re-humanize the industry! Putting faces and names to the magic that is the FLY AWAY TOUR!

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